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Make your event distinguished and memorable with one of our specialty display options. Through the use of a video processor such as the Vista Systems Spyder X20 or a digital media player like a BrightSign, you will be sure to capture the audience with your message.

BrightSign digital media players offer 1920x1080p full HD playback as well as networking capabilities. Linking several BrightSigns together can create a stunning synchronous video wall or many separate displays. They also have the ability to create multi-zone layouts in which different media can be displayed all at once.

Ask us about the new BrightSign 4K players!

The Vista Systems Spyder X20 video processor has the ability to take multiple inputs and display them across multiple displays in any position or size desired. Think of the video screen as your canvas, and any images, videos, or media files are your paints. Your canvas can be made into any size screen, just keep adding projectors or displays. Your paints can come from computers, live cameras, DVD's, images, iPads, or nearly any other source. Once you have your materials, the layout and look of the canvas is completely your desire- combine, move, stretch any of your sources in any way you want.

Take a look below at our Vista Systems Spyder X20 Demo!

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