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These commercial grade projection screens are designed / manufactured in Germany and are the best in rental outdoor screen technology.  All screen surfaces are seamless and properly tensioned to provide the ultimate viewing experience.  Typical outdoor uses are for live events including image magnification, movies, and holiday events, and live entertainment.

Our systems include professional, high-brightness projectors for the delivery of sharp, crisp images. Sources can be from DVD (standard definition or Blu Ray), live cameras, computer graphics, or any other media source.

Our rental consultants will tailor an outdoor projection and audio system to your specific requirements.

We offer two sizes of air screens:

"Lite" Venue
9' x 16' viewing image
Quick Deployment
Typical Audience: 100 to 250


"Grand" Venue
20' x 40' viewing image
2:1 Formate for Cinescope/High Definition
Typical Audience: 200 to 10,000


Go to our Outdoor Events Photo Gallery to view more images of our outdoor screens!

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