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Comtek IFB System
Talent Cueing/Monitor
Comtek Monitor

• Wireless • Receives audio commands from director or talent coach through transmitter to talent • Consists of BST25 audio base transmitter, one PR25 Personal Receiver Belt-pack with RC72 Receive-A-Cue inductive ear piece • Transmitter can take an audio feed from output of a mixing console send channel or directly from a microphone • The inductive ear piece is like a small in ear hearing aid that picks up audio from a concealed loop worn around the talents neck and plugged into their belt-pack receiver, good for "On Camera" talent • Very good for talent "scratch track" monitoring

Earpiece compared to penny

System with wired earpiece or headset
Additional Receiver with wired ear piece
Additional Receiver with Inductive ear piece

Shure PSM700 System
Personal Monitor System
Shure Personal Monitor System

• The PSM700 System is made up of P7T UHF stereo transmitter and P7R stereo belt-pack receiver with universal flex-tip earphone inserts • Three operating modes: Stereo, MixMode, Mono

P7T Transmitter

• P7T has Volume and Balance control, 1/4" & 1/8" headphone monitor jacks with level control • RF Frequency agile 722 - 746MHz made up of two groups of 16 compatible frequencies • Low noise floor of 80dB • Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS input for +4dB or -10dB levels • Input is Stereo/Mono selectable • Stereo input meters • Balanced 1/4" TRS looping output

P7R Belt-pack Receiver

• Balance Control: in stereo mode, this controls the L/R balance. In MixMode, this controls the mix level of the two transmitter inputs • Frequency Scan Mode feature helps find the best channel to operate • Low Battery indicator light at approximately 45 minutes of battery life remaining • All metal housing • Earphone connector is 1/8" TRS • 4-6 hours of operation on one 9-volt battery

Comtek BST25
Audio Base Transmitter

Comtek BST25 Front
Comtek BST25 Back

• Operates on wireless microphone frequencies 76.2MHz to 87.8MHz • Bright LED display showing exact frequency, channel and VU meter • Transmits up to 1500' • Signal is received by one or more optional receivers • For use where a cable run is not practical or prohibitive • Can be used with a large quantity of personal receivers as a translation system • Accepts XLR balanced line or mic-level audio • Built-in test signal for receiver testing and audio level referencing • Signal can also be received by the RC-72 Receive-A-Cue system combined with PR25 Personal Receiver for cueing talent

Optional High Gain Antenna

Comtek PR25Comtek PR25
Synthesized Personal Receiver

• Operates on wireless microphone frequencies 76.2MHz to 87.8MHz • Receives signal from base transmitter or wireless microphone • Fail-safe operation up to 1000 feet when used with BST25 transmitter • 90dB of quieting • Frequency response: 50Hz-12kHz • Dual-ear headphone included • Ideal for translation, IFB and tour systems • Headphone or neck loop cable functions as antenna; no other antenna is needed • Clips to belt • 20-hour battery life • 9-Volt battery is included

Comtek EarpieceComtek RC-72

• Neck loop is easily concealed • No wires to the ear • Extremely small • Works with Comtek personal receivers listed above • Provides performer auditory assistance from the director • Battery is included


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