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Motorola VisarMotorola Visar Walkie-Talkie

• 5 direct channels plus additional channel for use with optional repeater • Can be programmed to work with other compatible walkie talkies and have additional features such as channel priority and non-priority scan monitoring • Removable belt clip • Rapid charger and two high-capacity batteries included • Up to 2-mile range (depending upon terrain) • Compact size 4"H x 2.2"W x 1.45"D approximate • Charges in just one hour • UHF business band frequencies • Portable repeater system available (see below)

Visar Radio Options:

Three Piece Surveillance Microphone, Earpiece and Remote Switch

• Designed to permit concealed operation of walkie talkie • Transfers the walkie's speaker / microphone / PTT switch functions to the remote's related elements • Microphone and switch can be remotely positioned down to users shirt cuff and hand
Lightweight Headset/Boom Microphone
Remote Lapel Microphone/Speaker
Remote Earphone
Six Radio Charger

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