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Sony Vintage Video Tape RecorderSony AV3600
1/2" EIAJ Type I
Video Tape Recorder

• 1/2" tape • 7" diameter open reel • Monochrome • Most used format in the early 70's for industrial video distribution, just before the 3/4" format

Philco Predicta TelevisionPhilco Predicta 21"
Console Television

• Unique styling • Mahogany floor model cabinet • VHF and UHF tuner

Vintage Lantern Slide ProjectorLantern Slide Projector

• Projects 3 1/2" x 4" slides • Manual, two-way slide carrier • Large bellow front end

Western Electric Vintage MicrophoneWestern Electric "Double Button"

• Circa 1920 • Carbon Style

Western Electric Vintage TelephoneWestern Electric Telephone

• Black 1940's design • Rotary dial • Non-coiled handset cord

American DR332 Vintage MicrophoneAmerican DR332 Microphone

• Cylindrical design with a shiny brass top

Altec Vintage MicrophoneAltec 639A Microphone

• Large "Bird Cage" housing

Shure SM33 Vintage MicrophoneShure SM33 Microphone

• The classic "Talk Show Host" microphone

Vintage Ribbon Style MicrophoneRibbon Style Microphone

• Popular in the radio shows of the past

Vintage Altec MicrophoneAltec 633A Microphone

• "Salt Shaker" look • Altec green color

Betacam Recorders and PlayersSony Betacam Recorder/Player

• Call for models and more information

VHS Recorders/Players
Panasonic Editing VCR

• Call for models and more information


Video Cassette Recorders/Editors Sony U-Matic Video Cassette Recorder/Editor

• Call for models and more information

Overhead ProjectorOverhead Projectors

• Call for models and more information


Sony VO-5630 U-Matic 3/4"
Tri-Standard Recorder/Player

• Tri-standard VTR international video PAL, SECAM and 4.43MHz NTSC • Requires tri-standard display • Plays back on multi-standard monitors and video projectors • Dub in/out connectors • Audio dubbing capability • Audio limiter function • Unbalanced audio on RCA • RCA audio monitor out • BNC video connectors • 8-pin AV connector • No RF output • 1/4" headphone jack with level control

Sony MVR-5600Sony Still Image Video Recorder
Mavica Still Image Video Recorder Player

• Hi-band/normal-band still video format • 500+ video lines of resolution in Hi-band • Record 25 frames or 50 fields on 1 MP-50 Mavipak disk • External sync in • RS-232C port • 30msec to 1.5 seconds random access with optional RM-E5500 remote • Playback can advance with external 1kHz tone • BNC video and RGB in/out • S-Video out • RM-52 playback remote supplied

Slide ProjectorSlide Projectors and Lenses

• Call for models and more information

Sony Digital Mini Disc
MDS-B3 Recorder/Player

• No lag time, instant play / record start • One hour record time • Digital In/Out on RCA jack • Analog Line Level In/Out on XLR jacks • RS232C interface on 9 pin

Technics Stereo DeckTechnics RS-1700
10" R-R Stereo Deck

• Auto reverse • 15, 7 1/2 and 3 3/4 ips tape speed • 4-track, 2-channel record & playback • 3-motor direct-drive with quartz phase-locked control • Tape tension control • Stroboscope speed indicator • RCA phono line input • 2 pairs of RCA jack line level outputs

Tascam 22-4

• 4-track • 7 1/2 or 15 ips running speed • Compatible with standard studio tape machines • 7" reels • Variable pitch control • Remote control capability • Headphone monitor mix • 4-channel simul-sync • RCA jack line in/out

Sony DCRTRV720
Digital 8 HandyCam Camcorder Sony HandyCam Camcorder

• High quality 500 lines of resolution • 4" color LCD swivel screen viewfinder • Lens: 25X (3.7-92mm) optical/450X digital • SteadyShot picture stabilization system • 0 lux (total darkness) shooting with Super NightShot infrared system • Playback of Digital 8, Hi8 and 8mm • Drop-Frame Time Code • 5 mode AV fader • 14 picture effects • 16:9 widescreen recording option • Edit search • Control-L (LANC) editing interface • i.LINK DV interface • 12-bit PCM digital stereo audio • 2 - NP-F960 long life Lithium battery for more than 10 hours of record time each battery • 4MB memory stick • AC adapter/charger • 0.6X wide angle lens converter • PC Serial 9pin cable • AV output cable

I.DEN IVT-9 Plus Digital
Time Base Corrector, Transcoder
Full Frame Synchronizer I.DEN Digital Time Base Corrector

• Full frame Component processing with 13.5MHZ sampling frequency in 4:2:2 sampling and 8-bit processed Y/C • Full frame memory and correction • Drop-out compensation • Dynamic Tracking capable (+3 to -1 times) • Shuttle operation capable (+/ -20X) • Drop-out compensation • Black burst and advanced sync output • External genlock capability • Chroma control • Special effects; strobe, freeze frame/field, sepia and auto-freeze • Composite, S-Video and Component in/out • 58dB S/N

Hi8 Recorders/Players

• Call for models and more information


Laser VideoDisc Recorders
Sony LaserDisc Recorder

• Call for models and more information

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