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Folsom Screen Pro
Seamless Video / Graphic Switcher
Folsom Screen Pro Graphic Switcher

• 8 high resolution inputs accomodate composite (NTSC), S-Video, Component, HDTV: 1080i / 720p / 480p and Computer video sources inputs of 15K to high resolution 1600 x 1200 with horizontal scan rates up to 100KHz on BNCx5 connectors • Automatic synchronization to all sources • Various mixing & transition effects: Cut, Dissolve, Wipe, Freeze, Picture-in-Picture, Up, Down, Left, Right, Mosaic, Curtain Open / Close / Up / Down, all with a variety of time, size, edge width, etc • Input signal types: Composite (NTSC / PAL), S-Video, Component (RGB or YUV), RGB, RGBS, RGBHV, RGsB, Sync on green • Inputs are completely and independently configurable for source, luminance & chrominance levels • 350 MHz bandwidth • Outputs: 2 Main (BNCx5 & HD-15 pin) and 1 Preview HD-15 pin • Output signal type is RGBS or RGBHV selectable from 640x480 to 1365x1024 • Adjustable scaler for output image sizing

• Unit can be used alone or up to a group of 2 - 5 for multi-screen presentations when controlled with optional "Multi-Screen Controller"


Folsom Presentation Pro
Seamless Video / Graphic Switcher

Folsom Presentation Pro Graphic Switcher

• 7 video inputs - composite, component, VGA, S-Video • Seamless Transitions • Image Capture and Recall Feature • High performance image scaler

Sony Anycast AWS-G500
Live Content Producer

Sony Anycast

• Powerful live event content creation tool • Multi-camera ISO recording for use as a nonlinear editing source • Allows synchronized recording of two primary input sources (per video interface board), meaning with two hard disk drives, 4 primary inputs can be recorded •2 Maxtor 500GB hard drives included • Inputs Composite, S-Video, DV (IEEE) • Outputs VGA, Composite, S-Video

Optional HD Interface Module for High Definition

Aja Ki Pro
Portable HD Video and Audio Recorder

Aja Ki Pro

• Records in high quality Apple Pro-Res 422 Quicktime files on a 250 GB Solid-State Hard Drive • HDMI, SD/HD-SDI, and analog inputs • Portable and Rugged • Built in FireWire 800 for offloading media • Dimensions: 9in W/5in D/3.25in H • Includes AC Power Supply w/ 4 Pin XLR Adapter • 8 Channel embedded audio support - Choose between 2 channels or 8 channels of audio via embedded SDI

Panasonic WJMX50
Video A/V Mixer
Panasonic WJMX50

• 4 inputs of Composite or S-Video• 4 sources can be switched and any 2 of them routed to the program buses • Digital special effects: 62 steps strobe, still, frame, mosaic, negative, paint (posterization), mono, multi (1/4, 1/9, 1/16 screen), trail and AV synchro • 32 wipe patterns can be operated manually, with RS232C connection it is possible to program more wipe patterns by combining external wipe pattern control numbers assigned with zoom, scroll, blinds, paring • Basic wipe patterns: multiwipe, paring, wipe edge decoration (blinds), compression, slide, H/V aspect, wipe boundary effects, joystick positioner, wipe direction • Chroma key • Picture in picture • No genlock required for sources

Extron CrossPoint 88HVA
Distribution Matrix 8x8 Switcher/Router
Extron Distribution Matrix and Switcher

• Capable of switching any type of video signals: RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB Analog (200MHz Bandwidth), Video (Composite, S-Video, 3 wire Component) and Balanced Audio • RGB, Sync and Video connectors are BNC • Complete Breakaway capability • Front panel or RS-232/422 control • I/O configuration memory presets • Audio inputs can be independently adjusted

Sony DSC-1024HD
Scaler/Transcoder/Standards Converter

Sony DSC-1024HD Converter

• Versatile upward and downward conversions • High resolution PC RGB signals played back on lower resolution or NTSC/PAL monitors • PAL/NTSC video played back on high resolution RGB monitors/projectors • Can output HD video in the 1080i format • Frame store, Zoom, Shrink or Pan image • Change input aspect ration from original to 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, 1.85:1, 1.66:1 • 4 internal test patterns, cross-hatch, box, color bar, gray scale • Input accepts horizontal frequency range of 15.6k to 70kHz and the 50 to 120 Hz vertical range and converts them to an industry standard of NTSC, PAL, 15.6 kHz, 31.5kHz, 33.75kHz (1080i), 37kHz, 48kHz or 64kHz • Automatic input signal recognition • Input 1: video on looping BNC, 4-pin S-Video; Input 2: Loop through 15 pin sub-D configurable for Composite, S-video, Component or computer; Input 3: Loop through 15 pin sub-D configurable for Component or computer • Output on BNC, 4 pin S-Video, 15 pin sub-D configurable for Component or computer • Audio follow video (L/R RCA x 3 in, 1 out)

Extron Model 8 Plus
8x1 RGBS Analog Switcher
Extron Model 8 Plus Analog Switcher

• Active 8 input, 1 output • BNC connectors • 300MHz bandwidth can be used as NTSC switcher with audio follow • RS232 controllable • Inputs are 75-ohm terminated • LED input switched indicators • External power supply

Altinex MX2226ATAltinex Switcher
6 in x 1 out Bi-directional RGBHV Switcher

• 6 x 1 Bi-directional allows this to be used as a source or routing switcher • Controllable with front panel buttons or RS-232 • "Video Off" function turns of the video signal and allows sync to flow through so the display will not go into "Blue Screen" mode when video is not present • 5 BNC connectors for each line • 400MHz bandwidth • Internal power supply

Data Switch
4x1 VGA Switcher

• 15-pin HD female connectors • Switch in either direction • Ideal for switching in backups or A-B comparisons • Supplied with four 10' VGA cables • Passive, no power required

I.DEN IVT-7 Digital
Time Base Corrector
Full Frame Synchronizer

• Full frame Component processing with 13.5MHz sampling frequency in 4:2:2 ratio and 8-bit processed Y/C • Chroma control • Composite BNC, S-Video connector input/output • Transcodes composite and S-Video • External genlock capability • More than 450 lines of video processing • Shuttle operation • 58dB S/N

FOR A FA-300
Digital Time Base Corrector

• Full frame Component processing with 4:1:1 sampling and 8-bit processed Y/C • Composite BNC, S-Video connector input/output • Transcodes composite and S-Video • Advance sync output 4 V p-p • External genlock looping input • Freeze Frame/Field (A,B) selectable • Auto-freeze by detecting absence of input signal, On/Off selectable • Adjustable luminance-to-chrominance delay • Drop-out compensation • Process color in either V-lock or non-V-lock mode

AJA Video Model D10C
Serial Digital Video to Analog Converter

Aja Digital Video to Analog Converter

• 10 bit Serial Digital to Analog conversion • Accepts Component or Composite SDI inputs • Composite output for Composite input • Switchable Component/RGB output • All connections are BNC

Aja D10C Drawing

Sony MPU F100Sony Synchronizer/Transcoder
Frame Memory/ Synchronizer/Transcoder

• Stores full frame of video • Transcodes Composite, S-Video, RGB, Component • Hue and color control • Video and setup level of the input signal • 1.2 second lap dissolve • Still frame Mosaic, Posterization and 3x3 picture effects • RS-232C port • Composite loop-through • Accepts asynchronous signals, locks them to house sync and outputs synchronous video signals • BNC connection for Composite, RGB, Component • S-Video connector

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