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Panasonic WJ300B
Video Distribution AmplifierPanasonic WJ300B

• Selectable 1 input to 6 outputs or 2-channel with 1 input to 3 outputs each channel • BNC connectors

Extron ADA6-300 MX 1x6 RGBS
Distribution Amplifier
Extron Distribution Amplifier

• 1 in x 6 out • 300MHz bandwidth • BNC connectors • Input level: .5 to 1.2 volts p-p • Variable RGB gain • Internal power supply

Inline IN3020 1x6 RGBS
Distribution Amplifier

• 1 in x 6 out • 150MHz bandwidth • Separate gain control for each output • Up to 1.5 Vp-p volts input for video • Up to 8Vp-p volts input for sync • Each video output is individually buffered and can sustain short circuit for any length of time • All connectors are BNC

AV Engineers HSC1 & HSC2
Video Hum Stop Coil

• "Video Humbucker" • Eliminates hum and other interference in video lines caused by differences in Ground Potential • Hum rejection: 55db • Bandwidth: DC to 6.5MHz (HSC1), DC to 20MHz (HSC2) • No differential phase or gain distortion • Single channel • BNC in/out • 75-ohm • Passive device

Extron GLI250
RGBS Ground Loop Isolator

• Eliminates or reduces hum bars and sync pull (wiggles) • AC or DC coupling • RGBS (H/V) input/output • Rejection: 47dB • 250MHz Bandwidth • Frequency compatibility: 15kHz-125kHz horizontal, 30Hz-150Hz vertical • RGB gain controls • Input signal: Video 0.5 to 1.0 Volts p-p, Sync 0.5 to 5.0 volts p-p • 115-volt external power supply

Altinex DA1226AT 1x6 RGBHVAltinex Distribution Amplifier
Distribution Amplifier

• 350 MHz bandwidth • Six individually buffered high resolution outputs • Can also be used for video signals • Frequency: 15-200 kHz horizontal, 47-180 Hz vertical • All connections are BNC • Internal 110/220V switchable power supply

Extron PA1200Extron PA1200 Peaking Amplifier
Long Line Peaking Amplifier

• RGB video signal processor and long-line cable driver • 200MHz bandwidth • Peak, boost, and level controls • R, G and B variable gain • Sync stripping and adding • BNC connectors • External power supply

Extron VTG100
Computer Signal Test Generator

• Over 45 preprogrammed scan rates from 15.75kHz to 127kHz • Displays up to 2,000 x 2,000 pixels • 16 test patterns • Output configuration: TTL 9-Pin, 15-Pin HD VGA, 15-Pin D Macintosh and BNC connectors


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