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Sachtler Model 20
Hot Pod Sachtler Model 20 Tripod

• Fluid head • 60 lb. capacity • Claw ball base • Two 10" handles • Quick setup • Pneumatic column

O'Connor Model 30B Fluid Head Tripod

• Fluid head with quick-release adjustable camera platform and Claw Ball/Pro Jr. Base • Two 10" handles • 30 lb. capacity • Lightweight metal sticks with spreader

O'Connor High Hat

• Accommodates Model 30B and 50B fluid heads

QuickSet Mini
Fluid Head Tripod

• 10 lb. load capacity • + or -90° tilt • 360° pan • 34-76" height • 18" column rise

QuickSet Husky QLT3
Lightweight Tripod

• Spring-loaded head • 3 section legs • Up to 72" height

IDX Technology E7S Batteries and VL-2Plus Charger

• Lithium Ion Battery • Capacity: 71Wh/4.8Ah Mean voltage: 14.8VMaximum voltage: 16.8V Typical camera run-time: 2.7 hours (@ 26W)Dimensions: 3.4"(W) x 5.6"(H) x 1.3"(D)Weight: 1.16 lbs. (520g)
Lightweight high impact molded case 2-channel sequential charger with a built-in 60W power supply • DC Output: 60W (4.3A @ 13.8V) • Dimensions: 5.94(W) x 3.11(H) x 8.35(D) inches • Weight: 2.09 lbs. approx.IDX Technology E7S Batteries and VL2 Plus Charger

Anton/Bauer 30/13Anton Bauer Battery Belt
Universal Battery Belt

• Selectable voltage • 30V at 4AH • 13.5V at 8AH • Built-in overnight charger • Comfort design • Will work with LSFC fast charger (see next item)

CCU-M7 Camera Control Unit

• Allows remote operation up to 300M away • Composite video output plus a selectable output for one of the following: R/G/B, Y/RY/B-Y, or Y/C signal • Scene file function memorizes four types of controls and setting values for different shooting conditions • Remote shutter speed, iris, pedestal, knee, gamma, R & B gain • Setting values can be set for on-screen display • For use with DXC-M7, DXC-537, DXC-637, DXC-D30

Anton/Bauer Pro Pac 14 AH, 14.4V
Snap-On NiCad Battery

• Typical run time: 2 hours at 25W, 3 hours at 18W, 4 hours at 13W • 4 3/4 lbs

Tescroll Computer
Teleprompter Source

• Atari CPU using the Telescroll software • Color • Variable speed • 5 1/2 inch floppy drive • Local monitor included • BNC composite video output


Tekskil 909
Teleprompter paper feed

• Compact design • Lightweight • Switchable auxiliary video input • Adjustable script feed speed with talent remote • Switch between normal and reverse video displays • Adjustable video enhancer makes reading easier • This unit is designed for small applications such as EFP • Light, rugged and easy to work with


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