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Yamaha ProMix01
Automated Digital
16 Channel
Yamaha Digital Mixer

• Full MIDI control • Motorized faders • 50 scene memories for storing mix scenes • Fully parametric three-band input EQ • EQ library with 30 presets, 20 user programs • Three dynamic processors with 10 presets, 10 user programs • Four fader groups for single fader control of several groups • Cue out for virtually all inputs and outputs • Four auxiliary sends: two for internal effects, two for external use • 16 input channels (eight XLR, eight phone jack)—all balanced • Phantom power • Stereo 1/4" unbalanced phone inputs • Stereo XLR output • Digital two-track out on RCA phono • Analog two-track in/out RCA phono • 5-pin DIN looping MIDI • L,R monitor out, two Auxiliary sends • Unbalanced 1/4" phone jack

Shure SCM810
8 input Automatic Mixer

Shure SCM810 Auto-Mixer

• 8 switchable mic/line level XLR active balanced inputs • Seamless mixing • 2 bridged non-automatic line inputs RCAx2 • Adjustable EQ per channel low frequency roll-off and high frequency shelving • Front panel 1/4" headphones jack with level control • 48V phantom power selectable for each input • Bi-color LED indicates channel activation and clipping • User configurable parameters for automatic operation: Auto/Manual, Last mic on, hold time, Off-Attenuation 15dB or Infinite, Limiter threshold, Link to be global or local only • Can link to other SCM810 or the FP410 • RKC800 included to make all outputs XLR

Sound Devices MixPre
Microphone Preamp Sound Devices MixPre Microphone Preamp

• Studio quality 2 channel, extremely rugged, portable stereo microphone mixer • 10Hz - kHz frequency response • 66dB of gain • Phantom power • High pass filter select 80 or 160Hz, 6dB per octave • Inputs hard switched to left, center, right • High current headphone monitoring with level control and clip indicator • Sunlight readable output 7 step meters • Dual color clip indicators • Slate microphone • 1 kHz tone oscillator • Tape out and return input on 1/8" TRS • Operates up to 6 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries when not using phantom powering

Shure FP410
Automatic Mixer

Shure FP410 Auto-Mixer

• 4 switchable mic/line level XLR balanced inputs • 1 bridged, independently switchable dual mic/line XLR outputs • Inputs have low-cut filter and LED indication for input level • Transformer isolated • Phantom power • 1/8" recording output jack • Auto/manual switch • Limiter on/off switch • 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jack with level control • Input channel activation, attack time 4 msec, hold time 0.4 sec switchable to 1.0 sec • Off-attenuation 13dB switchable to infinity • Defeatable "Last mic lock-on" • Noise adaptive threshold activates for speech, but not for constant room noise • Seamless mixing • Linking capability for up to 25 mixers • Operates on 120/220 VAC or two 9-volt batteries for 12 hours

Communications Co. MADA1
ENG Pressfeed 10 out

• Media audio distribution amplifier • 3 mixable inputs, 2 mic/1 line • 10 fully isolated microphone or line level outputs all XLR male • Each output is equipped with additional various connectors

Rane HC6
Headphone Amplifier

• Six stereo headphone amplifiers in a single chassis • Master 1/4" L/R balanced inputs drive all six amps through individual volume control • Delivers any combination of master stereo program and/or separate mono programs for custom monitoring • All connections are 1/4"

Rent Com ENG Pressfeed 17 out

• Media audio distribution amplifier • 4 XLR inputs, one is switchable for line level • 17 independently balanced XLR male mic level outputs • 1kHz tone test signal for setting levels


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