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Shure PSM700
Personal Monitor System
Shure Personal Monitor System

* The PSM700 System is made up of P7T UHF stereo transmitter and P7R stereo belt-pack receiver with universal flex-tip earphone inserts * Three operating modes: Stereo, MixMode, Mono

P7T Transmitter

• P7T has Volume and Balance control, 1/4" & 1/8" headphone monitor jacks with level control • RF Frequency agile 722 - 746MHz made up of two groups of 16 compatible frequencies • Low noise floor of 80dB • Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS input for +4dB or -10dB levels • Input is Stereo/Mono selectable • Stereo input meters • Balanced 1/4" TRS looping output

P7R Belt-pack Receiver

• Balance Control: in stereo mode, this controls the L/R balance. In MixMode, this controls the mix level of the two transmitter inputs • Frequency Scan Mode feature helps find the best channel to operate • Low Battery indicator light at approximately 45 minutes of battery life remaining • All metal housing • Earphone connector is 1/8" TRS • 4-6 hours of operation on one 9-volt battery

Comtek IFB System
Talent Cueing/Monitor
Comtek IFB System

• Wireless • Receives audio commands from director or talent coach through transmitter to talent • Consists of BST25 audio base transmitter, one PR25 Personal Receiver Belt-pack with RC72 Receive-A-Cue inductive ear piece • Transmitter can take an audio feed from output of a mixing console send channel or directly from a microphone • The inductive ear piece is like a small in ear hearing aid that picks up audio from a concealed loop worn around the talents neck and plugged into their belt-pack receiver, good for "On Camera" talent • Very good for talent "scratch track" monitoring

Earpiece compared to penny

System with wired earpiece or headset
Additional Receiver with wired ear piece
Additional Receiver with Inductive ear piece

Telex Intercom BaseTelex Wireless
Intercom Base
BTR200 RadioCom

Telex wireless intercom base pictured with optional TR200 remote station

• Four-channel base station repeater • Can operate up to 8 channels when second base is linked to first unit • Local headset jack • Full duplex system • Interfaces with other wired systems • Operates in the 150 to 216MHz range • Auxiliary looping program input on 3-pin XLR • 1/4" speaker output

TR200 Remote Station

• Talk function can be set for "push-to-talk" or "constant-on" • Four-pin XLR headset jack • Requires any standard IC headset or those listed above • Operates 12-24 hours on six "AA" batteries

* Batteries not included

Clear Com CS-222
2-Channel Main Station
Clear Com Main Station

• Same as CS-210 with additional features • Supports up to 100 remote stations per channel • "Remote mic kill" switch to shut off all remote mics from online RS501 belt packs • Enhanced intelligibility

Clear Com CS-210
2-Channel Main Station

• Supports up to 60 remote stations on two channels • Accepts line or mic level program input for program monitoring • Program assignable to either or both channels • Visual call signaling • Separate intercom, program and side-tone level controls • Circuit-breaker protected with short circuit indicator and reset button • XLR male line-level stage announce output • 1/4" external speaker output

Clear Com SB412A 4-Channel
Main Switchboard Station Clear Com Switchboard Station

• Broadcast standard • Supports up to 100 remote stations on 4 main channels and 12 matrix inputs combined • Balanced XLR program line input • Selectable monitoring system • Programmable talk/listen functions for each main channel • 5 x 12 switchboard matrix • 12 switchboard inputs are individually assignable to any one of the four main channels or an isolated OFF position • Functions include Visual Signaling, Stage Announce and "All Page" • Balanced program input, assignable to any or all of the four main channels • Supports two local intercom headsets with level control • Separate intercom, program and side-tone level controls • 1/4" external speaker jack

Clear Com Belt PackClear Com RS501
Belt Pack

• Includes one single muff headset • Visual call signaling • Headset volume control • Adjustable side-tone level • "Push-to-talk" and "Constant ON" mic switch • Any locked-on mic is deactivated when system is re-powered • Increased volume level for higher noise environments • Loop-through XLR 3-pin connectors for convenient "daisy chain" setup

Clear Com CC75B,
CC85 or CC95 Intercom Headset
Clear Com Headset

• Single-ear headset for use with Clear Com intercom • Flexible boom microphone

Clear Com CC240B
Intercom Headset

• Double-ear mono headset for use with Clear Com intercom • Flexible boom microphone

Shure SM2 Intercom/Sportscaster
Shure Intercom Headset

• Dual earphone • High-comfort ear pads for long wear • Boom has total flexibility for microphone positioning • 3-pin XLR microphone output • Intercom system compatible with supplied 4-pin adapter • Receive impedance 1,000 ohms • Microphone impedance 150 ohms • Microphone frequency response 50Hz-15,000Hz

Clear Com HS6
Telephone Handset

• Handset can replace headset when connected to belt pack or base station • Press-to-talk button

Clear Com KB111A
Speaker Station

• Can be used with handset, headset or its own built-in speaker • 2-channel • Good for dressing room or back-stage monitoring

Technical Projects

• Intercom speaker station with push-to-talk mic • Good for dressing room or back-stage monitoring

Clear Com AC1OK
Adapt-A-Com System

• Interface for 2-, 3-, or 4-wire systems • Interface Clear Com system to other brand intercoms, telephone and sound systems

Clear Com TW12 Universal
2-Wire Interface

• Interfaces Clear-Com to 2-wire ("TW") intercom systems such as RTS • Allows standard mic cable to carry two separate channels • Powered by Clear-Com line systems • Operates in the 150 to 216Mhz range • Auxiliary looping program input on 3-pin XLR • 1/4" speaker output


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